The uncontrolled, unmonitored slaughter of protected Adelaide and Yellow Rosellas and Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets by commercial fruit growers in South Australia was first allowed by the then South Australian Minister for Environment, Dorothy Kotz for a period of 1 year from the 26th of May 1999. The current Minister for Environment Iain Evans has allowed the slaughter to continue for the Adelaide Rosellas and the Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets.

This action is now receiving world wide publicity.

The article below is reproduced with the kind permission of The Advertiser newspaper. (The Advertiser:

The Advertiser, Saturday February 24 2001, page 17
Wine boycott
threat over
wild bird cull
By Environment Reporter
  INTERNATIONAL environmental groups are threatening to urge a boycott of South Australian wines because of the sanctioned culling of native birds in this state.
   Bird protection groups from the United States and England are circulating e-mails describing culling practices in SA.
   US parrot specialist Stewart Metz e-mailed SA wineries this month warning them a boycott was possible if killing in vineyards continued.
  "The word of this . . . indifference to life is spreading like wildfire through the US and other countries," Professor Metz says.
   "Many Americans, myself included, will choose NOT to drink wines rendered deeper red by the blood of slaughtered Australian fauna. If necessary a Boycott of your wines will be initiated."
   But the e-mail was met with a terse reply from McLaren Vale. An email sent from the cyber address of McLaren Vale Winemakers Incorporated tells "the god righteous americans" to "try to get the facts before shooting off your gob".
   "Unlike the USA where gun toting cowboys blast everthing in sight we use a variety of devices such as kites and noise cannons to eliminate mainly non-native birds from destroying our vineyards,"

E-MAIL WAR: Excerpt of the e-mail from Professor Metz
and the reply and, right, a pair of musk lorikeets.
the e-mail says. The winemakers association did not return calls from The Advertiser yesterday.
   SA Bird Care and Conservation Society president Sharon Blair said yesterday she had been inundated with e-mails from across the world questioning the culling of native birds. An estimated 45,000 lorkeets and rosellas were culled in the Adelaide Hills and Riverland in 1999-2000.
   Changes to the National Parks and Wildlife Act in 1999 mean growers no longer require permits to cull Adelaide rosellas, musk lorikeets and rainbow lorikeets in areas including the Adelaide Hills and
the Riverland. This was extended in December to Jun 30.
  Yesterday SA Wine and Brandy chief executive Linda Bowes said the state's wine industry did not call for the legislative change and did not condone the cull.
  Environment Minister Iain Evans said overseas environmental groups could be misinformed about SA culling programs. But Oppposition environment spokesman John Hill said the campaign to boycott SA products was "of great concern". Mr Hill called on Mr Evans to impose a moratorium on waiving the culling permit "at least for next season".

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