Little Corella
(Photo Copyright Don Caldecott, Koolywurtie, South Australia)

FRIENDS OF THE LITTLE CORELLA is a conservation and protection group concerned by the South Australian, City of Onkaparinga Council, decision to cull (shoot) one of our native parrots, the Little Corella (Cacatua sanguinea) in 2002-2003. This parrot is closely related to other Australian native parrots, including the Long-billed Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, the Major Mitchell Cockatoo, the Gang-gang Cockatoo and the well known Galah.

Sixty birds were shot by a contractor for the council of Onkaparinga, south of Adelaide, in the township of Old Noarlunga in 2002-2003. Reasons given were the birds status of "abundance" and "noise" made by these parrots as well as claims that they "destroy trees" and "dig holes" in playing fields and golf courses and "muddy up" the river water.

We believe that people need to understand that while the Little Corella is said to have moved further south in the last 20 years, it is uncertain how far south they did occur 20 years ago. It is believed that any movement is a consequence of changing land use patterns across South Australia over many decades.

We welcome the Little Corella into our region in their summer migration. Shooting is not an appropriate response. It is cruel and inhumane to such a gregarious and intelligent species of bird which learns quickly from people to talk single words and phrases.

We believe it is time that our community leaders exhibited the strength and compassion to do what is right and cease the shooting and encourage alternative management strategies, some of which are mentioned on our web-site.

In addition we believe it appropriate to consider the Little Corella along with other native fauna, an asset to eco-tourism on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.

We are seeking support from both local and wider community to STOP THE SHOOTING and encourage sustainable management strategies. The majority of these birds arrive in the region for the summer months of around December to March.

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Written 23rd July, 2003, for Friends of the Little Corella.

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