1. Destruction of protected native parrots

      1. Background Information

      2. Links to National Parks and Wildlife documents
        1. Native birds in commercially-operated orchards and vineyards (56K pdf file)
        2. Code of Practice for the Humane Destruction of Birds by Shooting in SA (20K pdf file)
        3. Controlling Birds on Commercial Orchards and Vineyards in South Australia (391K pdf file)

      3. BCCS submission to Members of Legislative Council of South Australian Parliament

      4. BCCS letter to Editor of Adelaide Advertiser and Messenger Press

      5. BCCS petition against "The unlimited destruction by commercial horticulturalists of protected native parrots."

      6. BCCS letter to newspaper editors 31st January 2001

      7. Advertiser newspaper article 24th February 2001 re possible wine boycott

      8. Courier newspaper 28th February 2001 letter to the editor by Iain Evans Minister for Environment

      9. Advertiser newspaper article 3rd March 2001 re parrot cull order

      10. Eastern Courier Messenger newspaper article 7th March 2000 re native bird cull and Mr Evans' conflicting statements

      11. Advertiser newspaper article 13th March 2001 re wine growers not bird killers

      12. Letter to the editor, The Courier newspaper 28th March 2001 re eye witness view of parrot slaughter

      13. Changes to native bird permit to kill requirements (27th March 2001)

      14. Exporting native birds too cruel (24th June 2002)

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    Last modified 6th July 2002