The uncontrolled, unmonitored slaughter of protected Adelaide and Yellow Rosellas and Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets by commercial fruit growers in South Australia was first allowed by the then South Australian Minister for Environment, Dorothy Kotz for a period of 1 year from the 26th of May 1999.

The current Minister for Environment Iain Evans allowed the slaughter to continue for the Adelaide Rosellas and the Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets.

This action received world wide publicity and objection and on the 30th April 2001, at the end of the fruit growing season, Mr Evans revoked the proclamation with the following media release.


The proclamation enabling horticultural managers to control abundant native birds on horticultural properties without a written permit will be revoked effective April 30.

Environment and Heritage Minister Iain Evans says the decision coincides with the Government’s response to the Parliament’s Environment, Resources and Development Committee report into native fauna and agriculture.

The ERD Committee report raises a number of issues that the Government wishes to consult industry, community and stakeholder groups on over the next twelve months. Considering the ERD report recommendations and the public debate in regard to native bird management, the Government has decided to use the permit system that had been in place for decades.

While this current approach had been a genuine attempt by National Parks and Wildlife SA to progress integrated conservation management systems in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Riverland regions, there is greater community acceptance to the written destruction permit system being used," says Mr Evans.

Native bird management is a complex issue requiring a good understanding of all elements by a large proportion of the community.

The recent ERD Committee inquiry into Native Fauna and Agriculture has identified that a range of strategies can be employed to establish a balance between wildlife conservation and human use of landscape

National Parks and Wildlife SA will commence informing grower organisations and growers today of the need to obtain destruction permits to kill protected birds by April 30. National Parks and Wildlife SA will continue to develop programs that address abundant bird species issues and produce good conservation outcomes.


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